🛠️Set up your data space

Step 1: Roles in the Trust Framework

To better understand how the iSHARE Trust Framework can be used for data sharing, refer to the Roles in the Trust Framework. The Trust Framework gives an overview of the base layer Functional, Technical, Operational and Legal conditions to data sharing.

Step 2: Technical implementation

A good starting point for the Technical implementation is to refer to the Developer's portal and also try out the postman collections to understand the iSHARE flows.

Step 3: Test & Experimental Facility

For using our test and experimental facility, write to us support@ishare.eu. Detailing what role you would like to play in the dataspace.

To try out adhering roles like Service provider and Service consumer, you can use our pre-existing test satellites.

For AR access, you can write to us and get access to ar.isharetest.net.

Step 4: New Satellite/ Data space

To deploy your own test satellite/ dataspace with us, use the guide on github and reach out to us in case of questions.

To continue using the test environment and discuss further collaboration and steps towards full production level implementation, schedule a call with us.

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