🛠️Participant Management

(Adding Participants on the Satellite UI)

Creating a new organization & adding a certificate

A certificate needs to be added for every new participant. This can be the e-seal certificate for production environment and for the test environment, a test certificate can be added. Follow here for more information on creating the test certificate.

Participant details

While generating/ obtaining the certificate, a valid PartyID is also required. This PartyID or identifier is used to register the participant in the dataspace. The party name is the Organisation Name used to generate/obtain the certificate. Adherence status should be active for participants that are in compliance with the dataspace governance/agreements. Capabilities url is the Capabilities endpoint used to discover the participant's services. Registrar Satellite ID - is the id of the satellite or dataspace onboarding the participant.

AR & additional details

Authorisation Registry and Additional Participant Details are optional.


The signed Terms Of Use and Accession Agreement are required for all participants. Dummy agreements can be added for test environment.

For Certified Parties - Certified Parties agreement is required and for Satellite or Data Space Authority role, a Satellite Agreement is required.

For more information on the Legal agreements required for onboarding participants to a dataspace, refer to the Legal Agreements in the Trust Framework.


A minimum of one role is required to be added. Organisation or Participants can also play multiple roles.

For clarity on Roles used in the Trust Framework, refer here.

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